Rumsfeld Apparently Not Craziest Defense Secretary Ever

loveis_top.pngValentine's Day -- what was it? What did it want from us? We turned, as we often do in matters of the heart, to former Defense Secretary William Cohen for the answers. Alas, his remarks in the Washington Post's "On Faith" special section (aka the "Keep Sally Quinn busy" section) raised more questions than they answered.

Love, apparently, "is a force that pulls hearts together." Cohen refuses to comment on whether love will then keep us together or tear us apart, probably because it's about here that the acid kicks in.

Logic, of course, fails us. Rational thought leads us into an existential dark hole where inexplicable paradoxes taunt us.

Love is the only force that can keep these bugs crawling under our skin from breaking through, don't you see???

Love Is a Force That Pulls Hearts Together [WP/Newsweek]


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