Rumsfeld Blows Up White House on Way Out

As their crook of choice faces the not particularly hard questioning of the Armed Forces Committee (Senator Levin has referred to the "refreshing breath of reality" from Defense Sec. Nominee Robert Gates), the White House is erupting in chaos and confusion:

The White House complex is in chaos! A suspicious package was found in the courtyard of the Old/Eisenhower Executive Office Building (the weird-looking grey building west of the WH) and USSS has closed off 17th St and Penn Ave around the area. I'm watching this all go down from my window at OMB; it's been this way since just after 8am this morning and people are PISSED.

According to the AP, "a woman threw a package" into the courtyard of the building. She has been arrested and is heading for Guantanamo. The Secret Service refused to say if the package was made of terror or not.

Package Tossed Near White House [AP via Seattle PI]


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