Run for Your Lives

eat_the_lobbyists_firstEvacuating Capitol buildings is the new black, but it's a hastily thrown-together look. The Hill reports that there are calls for a re-evaluation of the emergency plans after last week's "fiasco," described in an email from the office manager for Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.), thusly: "Capitol police told staff, 'Run! Run! Take your shoes off and run to Union Station!' We had staffers and interns pushed, and some injured. A woman collapsed as staff and USCP ran by."

This put us in mind of Brian Williams' similar depiction of the rush:

Chris, I was at the west front of the Capitol, I was at the door the security sweep was underway and we were about to be the first to be let out and suddenly the officers screamed, Everybody out of the building. Um. . . so we were running, uh congressional leadership was thrown in cars, I have not seen an exodus of people like this at this speed. They kept yelling this is not a drill [and] people fell, people with canes, walkers.
Yes, truly: A nation at its best, the spirit of 9/11 lives on, etc.

On the bright side: It's good to know that in the event of some modern holocaust, the weak will be killed off early on, before it becomes a burden to support them. Less bright: A world re-populated by junior Hill staffers? The mind reels. . .

‘Fiasco’ of evacuation sparks review demand [The Hill]


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