Rush Limbaugh Explains Roy Moore Only Wanted To Fuck Kids Because He Was A Democrat

Rush Limbaugh Explains Roy Moore Only Wanted To Fuck Kids Because He Was A Democrat

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Here is a video of Rush Limbaugh JUST SAYING that back when Roy Moore was sexually assaulting kids (LOL "allegedly" or whatever), he was an actual DEMOCRAT. Did you know that? Did you know when he was "supposedly attracted to inappropriately aged girls" (which we guess Limbaugh is conceding), he was a DEMOCRAT? Did you know that, dumb Limbaugh fans? WELL DID YOU?

But now Roy Moore is a Republican, which means he has been ... redeemed? Is becoming a Republican like accepting Christ into your heart? Does it make you less of a pedophile to become a Republican HAHAHAHA DENNY HASTERT WHO LET YOU IN HERE?

This is rock bottom, right?

We only have two questions:

1) What about the inappropriately aged girls Roy Moore has likely been attracted to since the early 1990s, when he changed his party affiliation?

2) Does Rush Limbaugh change his party registration every time he goes on a mysterious boys' trip to the Dominican Republic with fistfuls of Viagra in his hamster cheeks, trips that DEFINITELY don't have anything to do with the underage sex tourism that's rampant there? Is El Rushbo registered to vote in the Dominican Republic, AS A DEMOCRAT?

Those are our only two questions.

Do not feel pressured to try to answer them in the comments of this, your open thread.

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