Rush Limbaugh Has Balls Of Steele

A ha ha ha, we had to do a Google search to make sure nobody had put that crack in a headline yet. So anyway yes,Michael Steele spoke ill of Rush Limbaugh on late-night television, and then Rush Limbaugh said mean things about Michael Steele on the radio, and then Steele had to apologize because Rush Limbaugh makes a gazillion dollars a year putting cigars in his face and pontificating on the radio whereas Michael Steele is just some loser from Maryland.

There are a couple of sad/funny aspects to this story. Number one: Michael Steele, bless his heart, really is trying to help the Republican party by going on shows like whatever it's called, D.L. Hughley Talks About the News. Obviously he will not win over any young black liberal voters by doing so, but as President Obama has already proved, the point isn't always to win people over -- it's to look like you're trying. Michael Steele appears to be honestly trying to rescue the Republican party from becoming the exclusive province of angry old Southern whites, and that is commendable. It is just too easy to make fun of him, because he says such comical things all the time.

Second: All this outrage over Rush Limbaugh saying he wants President Obama to fail? STOP IT. Stop being outraged. Remember back in the first few years of the war when Republicans were always saying, "Democrats want us to lose! They want President Bush to fail! How awful of them, and unpatriotic!" even though no Democrats actually said they wanted to lose the war? Sure, this case is a little different because Limbaugh did actually say out loud that he wants the president to fail, and also we are not talking about matters of life and death. But the fact remains: it is annoying as shit when you are in the minority party and your motherfucking JOB is to oppose pretty much everything the president does, and the majority party comes out and acts all outraged that you don't support the president.

Anyway, the point is that the rancid megalomaniac Rush Limbaugh now has Michael Steele's testicles, in a jar.

Steele Apologizes To Limbaugh, Praises His Leadership [TPMDC]


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