Rush Limbaugh Takes Opportunity To Remind Us Both He And Ray Rice Are Terrible

Rush Limbaugh Takes Opportunity To Remind Us Both He And Ray Rice Are Terrible

The ugly awfulness of abusive sportsball player Ray Rice's existence has really caused a problem with maxing out our rage-expending abilities. We had to spend a whole lot of energy being mad at Ray Rice for being a woman-beating piece of shit. Then we really had to up our game and go light years beyond being pissed at the NFL because they handed out a whopping two-game suspension for the fiancee-beating. And then there was ESPN's Stephen A. Smith explaining how maybe if ladies could just stop making men hit them, everything would be great.

It's a veritable All-Pro lineup of atrocity, right? But let's face it. Your team of terrible is nothing without long-lasting human stain Rush Limbaugh lurching his way to the front and spewing something disgusting about the whole affair, because when you need really shitty thinking about women, you need Rush Limbaugh opening his gapingly stupid maw on his Tuesday radio show.

“He hits the woman when she was his fiancé, so he gets a lawyer, and the advice was marry her?” Limbaugh opined. “You know, she’s part of this equation. She just said yes?”

Rush Limbaugh, noted sociologist, ignoring every piece of information ever about the complex reasons women stay with men who batter them. Guess that's what happens when you mix toxic levels of stupidity with cripplingly high levels of misogyny. You'd think there would be a pill he could take for that or something.

You should know by now that he didn't stop there.

“She’s fiancé [sic], he decks her, then they get married. Well, how bad could it have been, she said yes to the proposal?” he asked. “Stop and think of this, he engages in domestic abuse when they’re engaged. Presumably, she has already said yes. Then, the event happens in the elevator, and it’s known. And lawyer says, ‘Okay, Ray, you’ve got to get married. Limit the damage, you’ve got to get married now because the act of her going through with the marriage after you deck her will limit the impact of it.’

OK wait, now we're kind of losing the thread here. So it's not the lady's fault? It's the doing of Ray Rice's nefarious lawyer, who assumes that Ray will make the charges go away if he gets married? Or it will cost Ray less if he gets married? Fuck if we can even figure this out. But all we really had to do is wait a minute for Rush to explain himself and ensure that we all understand what a retrograde asshole he is.

“NFL player, big bucks, fame, it may be worth a hit to the jaw,” he speculated, adding that wives of athletes could get hired to do reality TV shows and modeling jobs.

You know that we are a nonviolent people here at Wonkette, but we do enjoy fantasizing about how many times Rush Limbaugh would get hit in the jaw in order to enjoy his completely unwarranted wealth and fame.

Pro-tip to Ray Rice: if your fellow travelers are Rush Limbaugh and Stephen A. Smith, you are so fucking for sure on the losing team.

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