Don McGahn *Finally* Testifies To Congress: Be The Robert Bork You Wish To See In The World!


Two years after blowing off a House subpoena, former White House Counsel Don McGahn finally testified to the Judiciary Committee last week, and the whole exercise was a vapid dick-swinging contest, with each member less impressive than the last. Just an absolute waste of time and expression of contempt for congressional oversight.

On the one side, Oversight Committee Counsel Sarah Istel gamely plowed through hours of questions about the events depicted in the Mueller Report. But she did it with her hands tied behind her back thanks to the ground rules McGahn's lawyers and the DOJ managed to foist on the Committee, which restricted her to asking solely about already available public information from the report itself. So the entirety of the hearing consisted of exchanges like this:

ISTEL: As reflected in what I just read, during that meeting, the President learned of the special counsel's appointment. Can you tell us the President's reaction to that appointment?

McGAHN: Well, I think the report goes on to describe it in some detail.

ISTEL: I'm asking for your recollection of what the President's reaction was at the time.

McGAHN:Well, again, you know, you're asking about something 4 years ago, but what you've read in the report is accurate, and the next sentence is also what happened.

Edifying, huh?

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Rudy Did A Perfect Call With Ukraine, And Now You Can Hear It!

Grandpa Huffing Paint really believes this shit! Both grandpas!

When Donald Trump made his perfect call to Ukraine's president — demanding Ukraine "do us a favor though" and announce bullshit investigations into the Bidens and into fake Ukrainian interference in the 2016 election in exchange for things like a White House visit between Trump and President Volodomyr Zelenskyy as well as the military aid Ukraine desperately needed from America to fight off Russia — Zelenskyy mentioned that his people had been talking to Rudy Giuliani "just recently." Oh really? Why ever could that have been?

Trump's call was on July 25, 2019. We learned about parts of Giuliani's call with Zelenskyy's top adviser Andrey Yermak, which happened on July 22, 2019, back in the winter, as Donald Trump's second impeachment trial for trying to get people to help steal him an election from Joe Biden was getting under way. BuzzFeed got the READ TEH TRANSCRIPT!11!11!! in April.

Now CNN has gotten the audio.

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What Did Paul Manafort Lie To Robert Mueller About? Exactly What You Thought.

All of it, Katie.

Well, well, well. Ever since Joe Biden became President of these American United States, we've been learning a whole lot about what happened during the election. No, not the one Donald Trump and his leaking minions are going to deny the results of until they die of natural human causes. The one that installed Trump in the office in the first place. The one that it's getting harder and harder to deny was probably literally actually stolen.

We are of course talking about Paul Manafort, Trump's 2016 campaign crime manager.

When President Biden's Treasury Department announced new Russian sanctions last month, it went the furthest we have seen so far in explaining exactly what Manafort was doing with that Russian spy Konstantin Kilimnik in 2016. Kilimnik, who is currently Most Wanted by the FBI, was one of Manafort's main squeeze business partners, and the Treasury Department said in April unequivocally that "Kilimnik provided the Russian Intelligence Services with sensitive information on polling and campaign strategy." We already knew where Kilimnik got that data — it was from Manafort! It was internal Trump campaign Rust Belt polling and modeling data!

And where did Trump "win" that election by a handful of votes, even though Trump's final tally in the 2016 popular vote was "fuck you"? Yes, that would be the unlikeliest inside straight ever, in Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.

But back in the days of the Mueller Report, we didn't have information about exactly what Kilimnik was doing with the info Manafort was giving him. It always seemed pretty obvious Kilimnik was giving it to the Russian government in some way or another, but "seemed pretty obvious" did not rise to the level of proving the conspiracy. Hell, it wasn't until the then-GOP-led Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) issued its final Russia report in the summer of 2020 that anybody was willing to say outright that Kilimnik was a Russian spy. SSCI did that.

Well, there have been some very important UNREDACTIONS this week about Manafort's lies that blew up his plea deal with the Justice Department, and surprise, they confirm just about everything that seemed pretty obvious at the time but nobody could say for sure out loud. What did he lie about? Oh, just all the Kilimnik shit. And some other shit.

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DEEP STATE HUNTER BIDEN LAPTOP, Shrieks Rudy Giuliani In Letter To Real Judge

Yes, yes, yell at the court about Deep State, that will work.

Rudy Giuliani is mad as hell, and he's not going to take it any more. In a screaming 17-page letter to US District Court Judge J. Paul Oetken, Rudy and his lawyers demand that the court put off the review of materials seized during the April 28 raid of his home and office so that these legal eagles can first litigate the secret warrants that allowed the government to seize his electronic communications from Apple and Google in 2019. Careful with that link, kids, the spittle fairly rises off the page to baptize you with bile!

In a show of DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO I AM that would make Meghan McCain blush, Giuliani howls at length about the injustice of a man of his stature being treated like a common criminal.

"Unfortunately for Giuliani, and even more unfortunately for the attorney-client privilege and executive deliberation privilege, and the public's perception that those privileges are real, the SDNY simply chose to treat a distinguished lawyer as if he was the head of a drug cartel or a terrorist, in order to create maximum prejudicial coverage of both Giuliani, and his most well known client – the former President of the United States," huffs the man who pioneered the use of the perp walk for accused white collar criminals.

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