Russian Senators Spreading Republican Propaganda, Wait That's Backwards

How's about we start this week where we ended last week? WITH THE SAME STORY!

News broke Friday after Fiona Hill's stunning testimony on Capitol Hill, including her exhortation to Congress to please stop spreading Russian propaganda lies about Ukraine meddling in the 2016 election, because THAT IS RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA, that actually Congress already knew that, because the intelligence community had specifically briefed senators on the subject. Of course, during the hearings, people like Devin Nunes (HOW YOU LIVIN', MOO-BOY?) just continued to spread the Russian propaganda, because they're shameless and also it would appear that, at least in Nunes's case, he's a participant in Trump's scheme to get Ukraine to illegally interfere in the 2020 election.

Hill and Ukraine embassy official David Holmes, as well as several other impeachment witnesses, testified that among other things Russia seeded this narrative to deflect attention from its own responsibility for the 2016 election attack, and to weaken the Ukraine-US relationship.

So obviously with this news out in the open, Republican senators hit the Sunday shows to spread some more Russian propaganda.

John Kennedy, the GOP senator from Louisiana, got the ball rolling on "Fox News Sunday" with Chris Wallace. You know, we were thinking this weekend how it's unfair journalism when we call Kennedy's colleague Ron Johnson the Senate's dumbest Republican, because of how John Kennedy is #BeBest at being dumbstupidest Senate Republican too.

WALLACE: Senator Kennedy, who do you believe was responsible for hacking the DNC and Clinton campaign, their emails? Was it Russia or Ukraine?

KENNEDY: I don't know. Nor do you. Nor do any of us.

WALLACE: Let me just interrupt to say the entire intelligence community says it was Russia.

KENNEDY: Right. But it could also be Ukraine. I'm not saying that I know one way or the other. I'm saying that Ms. Hill is entitled to her opinion, but no rebuttal evidence was allowed to be offered.

BECAUSE IT'S FUCKING RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA, YOU PASTE-EATING HILLBILLY GLUE-MUNCHER! It's not Fiona Hill's "opinion," she is a Russia expert who shares the exact same conclusion as the entire US intelligence community and the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee, both of whom place the blame squarely on Russia.

So when Kennedy says, "I don't know" and "nor do you," only one of those statements is true. He may not know, because of how he's a fucking idiot who'd rather spread Russian propaganda than just accept the truth, but no, Senator Kennedy, the rest of us are neither as stupid nor as complicit as you are right now.

Over there on the "Meet The Press," one of the GOP senators from the Mississippi, which lies just north of and 50 years behind Louisiana, had some of his own Russian propaganda thoughts to share with Chuck Todd.

ROGER WICKER: [Fiona Hill is] correct that Russia tried to interfere in 2016. Also Ukrainians themselves tried to interfere also. But Chuck, I --
TODD: Isn't there a big difference between [what Russia did] and the Ukrainians?

WONKETTE: There is.

TODD: Look, I understand there's individual Ukrainians who were upset that candidate Donald Trump wanted Crimea to stay with Russia. Is that the same as the Russian government and Putin ordering a full-fledged interference in the United States election.

That's a key point, that there was actually a reason Ukrainians didn't like Donald Trump. It had to do with how Trump took Russia's side in the war Russia declared on Ukraine. (And still does!) Chuck Todd has been very good about pointing this out lately, and should receive credit for that.

WICKER: I'm concerned about both. I'm concerned about both.

He's concerned about both, both sides do it, he's just concerned.

Well, we're sorry, Senator Dipshit, but some individual Ukrainians expressing their individual feelings about Donald Trump being a fucking piece of shit (a belief shared, regardless of nationality, by all good humans created by God) is not the same thing as a government-sponsored campaign to fuck with another country's election. Russia did that in 2016. Ukraine did not.

Trump is trying to get Ukraine to do it in 2020, though.

Anyway, as we said, these senators have been told, or their colleagues have been told, that all of this -- from Trump's dumbshit belief that a cloud server is somehow buried in the backyard in Ukraine to the Ken Vogel-fueled stories about DNC officials doing rogue conspiracies with Ukraine -- is bullshit, and it's bullshit the Russian intelligence services are positively borscht-ing in their pants to have the GOP spread for them. Makes their jobs so much easier!

Wicker allowed that he had not personally received the intelligence briefing, but we don't think it matters, because Wicker also confirmed for Todd that, despite how the READ THE TERANSJNK;AKLGJIASEWTICPT! of Trump's call with Ukraine never actually mentioned "corruption," and only mentioned political investigations Trump was trying to extort from Volodymyr Zelenskyy, he is a very stupid man who legitimately believes Trump's phone call was "legitimately about corruption in Ukraine."

In other words, even when Roger Wicker has the facts, he's garbage.

Wicker said lots of other crap, and if you want to READ THE TRADSNKCJKJAGK;JLIPT of his interview on "Meet The Press," you may do that right here.

Or, you know, you could skip it because there's no reason to waterboard your brain with Russian propaganda this close to Thanksgiving.

[Meet the Press transcript / videos viaAaron Rupar as usual]

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