DNI John Ratcliffe Laps Ron Johnson In 'Shameless Sharing Of Russian Propaganda' Contest

He was told.

The stupidest director of national intelligence in the entire history of America, John Ratcliffe, who used to be one of the stupidest GOP members of Congress, was told that he was releasing Russian propaganda/disinformation this week, when he — transparently for no other reason than to try to help Trump steal re-election — declassified a RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE ASSESSMENT that said back in 2016, Hillary Clinton had ordered her campaign to start a Russia witch hunt to, get this, distract from her emails.

See, Russian intelligence was "chattering" about how Hillary Clinton had hatched a nefarious campaign plan to somehow suggest that sweet, innocent Donald Trump might have some connections with Vladimir Putin, and maybe the Russian hack of the DNC. Why, she must have made it all up!

It's all part of the big large huge Trump campaign to absolve Russia of guilt for helping Trump steal his first election, while they're trying to bag another one for him in 2020.

Ratcliffe was told. He has zero excuse. Russian motherfuckin' dipshit intelligence asset, thy name is Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe.

And no, babies, before anybody whines, "Russian asset" doesn't necessarily mean they're a secret spy for Russia, though we won't rule out the possibility that Ratcliffe is such an easy mark that the Kremlin could have turned him just by promising to get him some surgery to make his face right-side up. It can just mean he's doing their bidding, even if he's too stupid to get it.

But again, he was told. Guess DNI Ratcliffe, just like Trump, believes Putin more than he believes our own intelligence services.

The Wall Street Journalreports:

President Trump's spy chief ignored urgings from senior U.S. officials not to release information about Russian intelligence material containing unverified allegations about Hillary Clinton and the 2016 election, according to people familiar with the matter.

Officials at the Central Intelligence Agency and National Security Agency, as well as nonpolitical career personnel within the office of Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, feared that sharing the information with Congress would give credence to unsubstantiated Kremlin-backed material. They argued the claim was sourced to Russian intelligence services that interfered in the 2016 election to denigrate Mrs. Clinton, that year's Democratic presidential nominee, and could have been deliberate disinformation, the people said.

"Could have been deliberate misinformation." Because of how it was Russian intel chatter, and they know we're always listening, just like we're always listening to them. (Well maybe we're not in the Trump years, because Trump thinks spying on his BFF Russia is mean.)

Ratcliffe's own letter said they "do not know" if the RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE CHATTER ABOUT WHAT HILLARY CLINTON SUPPOSEDLY DID was real. But that didn't matter. The point wasn't to share real information. It was to get that allegation out there in the rightwing noise machine ether, and inject it directly up Donald Trump's butt. And as the Journal notes, Trump indeed said a thing about it during Tuesday night's shitshow debate!

Of course he didn't really understand the Russian propaganda he was supposed to be sharing:

"What happened today with Hillary Clinton, where it was a whole big con job."

Uh huh, buddy, use your words.

The Journal also notes that the (Republican-led) Senate Intelligence Committee has already determined that the RUSSIAN INTELLIGENCE CHATTER ABOUT WHAT HILLARY CLINTON SUPPOSEDLY DID was bullshit. But again, that's not the point.

It's humiliating that this stupid man John Ratcliffe is the director of national intelligence for the United States of America, as usually you like to have people in that role with extensive national security experience, instead of people who lied on their resumes.

What else has he lied about? Because that's a national security risk, something that could compromise him, if the Russians know it and he knows it and we don't know it. We are just saying.

Anyway, Ratcliffe knows everybody is calling him a paste-eating moron, and in response, he is bullshitting:

Following the disclosure of his letter, Mr. Ratcliffe denied the Kremlin-sourced claims were Russian disinformation, and said they had "not been assessed as such by the intelligence community."

LOLOL he "denied the Kremlin-sourced claims were Russian disinformation." Because that's how the world works.

Reality check from Democratic Senator Ron Wyden:

"Ratcliffe is even willing to rely on unverified Russian information to try to concoct a political scandal, a shocking abdication of his responsibilities to the country," Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon, a Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said.

Yes, that is what is happening.

There are 33 days until the election. John Ratcliffe is one big reason to vote your fucking balls off.

[Wall Street Journal]

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