Rutgers Wants To Teach New Jersey About Manners


Uh, Rutgers University is hosting a series of Podcast-lecture things about Etiquette in New Jersey ("Don't call Snooki fat. Use the adjective 'homo' sparingly. Do not eat finger sandwiches with a fork and knife"). Couldn't Rutgers use its precious University resources for something more worthy and academic, like Missile Research and Development? Nope:

Rutgers University, the flagship university in a state known for ruthless mob bosses, petulant reality show stars and cutthroat drivers, is launching a two-year project to get people - at least those on campus - to behave better.

Students, faculty and other employees are encouraged to attend a series of lectures, presentations and discussions on civility that start Wednesday. Residents in the community won't be turned away if there's space.


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