Yr Wonkette sends our warmest Get Well Soon wishes to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who underwent heart surgery Tuesday night after discovery of a blockage in a coronary artery. How badass is the 81-year-old Supreme Court Justice? The issue was discovered when she felt "some discomfort" while working out with her personal trainer at the Court's gym. A press release from the Court said,

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg underwent a coronary catheterization procedure this morning at MedStar Heart & Vascular Institute at MedStar Washington Hospital Center to place a stent in her right coronary artery. The coronary blockage was discovered after Justice Ginsburg experienced discomfort during routine exercise last night and was taken to the hospital. She is resting comfortably and is expected to be discharged in the next 48 hours.

We have little doubt that Ginsburg will soon be up for kicking Antonin Scalia's ass again.

We would also like to remind anyone who thinks Ginsburg should resign -- so that President Obama can appoint a successor -- that there's a bunch of rightwing idiots running the Senate right now who would never confirm anyone nearly as good as Ginsburg. Besides, she's made her intentions perfectly clear on that point, as she reiterated in September in a New Yorker interview:

Who do you think President Obama could appoint at this very day, given the boundaries that we have? If I resign any time this year, he could not successfully appoint anyone I would like to see in the court. [The Senate Republicans] took off the filibuster for lower federal court appointments, but it remains for this court. So anybody who thinks that if I step down, Obama could appoint someone like me, they’re misguided.

No reason a little open-heart surgery should slow her down in the least. OK, maybe no water-skiing for a bit.

Happy Thanksgiving, Justice Ginsberg. Get better soon, and stay strong. Pfft. Like you need a mommyblog to tell you that.

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