Sad George Zimmerman Just Wants 911 Operator To Understand George Zimmerman Is A Really Great Guy


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Well, here is a cake that has been taken! (It is not a cake we like.) George Zimmerman, arrested yesterday for threatening his pregnant girlfriend with a shotgun, called 911 to tattle on his girlfriend for calling the police on him -- even though the police were already there. Operator, pretty much: "Are you fucking kidding?" George Zimmerman, basically direct quote: "I can't talk to the cops who are here because they are 'upset.'" (Also: "Weapons? Huh? Goodness no, ma'am, my girlfriend has the weapons with which she also probably murdered that boy! My girlfriend, MORGAN FAIRCHILD!")

Our favorite (not our favorite) part of the 911 call is George Zimmerman's whiny saddy voice, previously heard crying at this reporter from Vanity Fair.


Rebecca Schoenkopf

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