Sad Lindsey Graham Completely Ignored By 2012 Candidates

Sad Lindsey Graham Completely Ignored By 2012 Candidates

Though the 2012 presidential campaign is not officially underway, it has been going on behind the scenes for approximately 40 years or so by now, because this sort of thing takes a lot of preparation. These days, Potential Candidates are calling senators and influential members of Congress from Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina as part of the long courtship to get their endorsements, which are rather pointless to the voters but for some reason indicate a candidate's health to the media. Also, Potential Candidates have donated a lot of money to each of these people. Except poor Lindsey Graham, whohasn't received so much as a single ham biscuit from them. "'Nothing yet,' he said, predicting it would start up soon," some Politico intern was able to write (and thus avoid the lost-morning dungeon), after feeding Graham a ham biscuit treat.

Lindsey Graham's endorsement will probably go to the first person who eventually talks to him, the person who becomes so desperate to save a sinking campaign that his or her only move will be to ask Lindsey Graham for his endorsement. He's dutifully waiting by the phone for that boy to call.

Lindsey Graham will then meditate on this and decide that getting even more people to dislike him will somehow make him a better statesman. And then he will try to switch states with Joe Lieberman and start pretending to represent Connecticut, just because. [Politico]


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