Sad Michael Steele Pretending He's About To Get Own Cable News Show


Will the lamestream media throw our dawg a bone?

"We're talking to everybody and anyone who has an interest in talking," he said when asked if he is in serious negotiations with any specific channel at this point. "You know, I have obviously a long relationship with Fox. And you know, I have friends at CNN and MSNBC. So it's a very dynamic opportunity and it's one I'm hoping, you know, we'll have an opportunity to move forward on." [...]

"It depends, you know, you can do it out of Washington, or you can do it out of New York from time to time," he said. "So whatever the opportunity is, we'll be able to be there."

Steele said this after he was the panelist on a local Baltimore teevee show.

So, uh, he's probably going to get his own cable channel! Yeah, that's it!

Why isn't this guy running for president? [Baltimore Sun via Wonkette operative "jfruh"]


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