Trump Staffers Shed Fat Tears For Real Victims Of Capital Riots: Future Paychecks

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Trump Staffers Shed Fat Tears For Real Victims Of Capital Riots: Future Paychecks

It's important to remember who the Real Victim™ is in all the post-election mayhem. No, not Lindsey Graham, although watching him get screamed at by MAGA loons for turning on the Dear Leader was delightful.

Wages of sin is a bitch, amirite?

No the real victims are the Trump staffers who will be unemployable after this debacle finally comes to an end in 12 days.

"The people who this is hardest on, aside from obviously the people in the Capitol and the police and the people who were hurt, are the people who have staked their reputations and their political, financial and career fortunes on defending the president and he's just made it harder on us," a lower-level Trump administration official told Politico yesterday.

Weep! Weep salty tears for the poor Trump staffers who will never wash off that stink as long as they live.

"This will hurt us in trying to get jobs," another official complained of the attack on congress.


Politico has two stories on those wretched souls today, along with an interview with former White House communications director Alyssa Farah, who suddenly remembered that she'd resigned out of deeply held principle, after refusing to go on television and lie about Trump's electoral defeat.

"I made the decision to step down in December because I saw where this was heading, and I wasn't comfortable being a part of sharing this message to the public that the election results might go a different way. I didn't see that to be where the facts lay," she said.

Like anyone would forget that she spent most of 2020 huddled up with Mark Meadows trying to figure out how to spin the administration's murderously neglectful COVID response so Trump could win reelection. Remember that time she insisted to Fox that it was GREAT that Trump had assured Americans that coronavirus would go away "like magic" because "It's a very common medical practice that you want to convey confidence. And you want to raise the spirits of the person you are treating." Your Wonkette remembers. Wonder where her fanatical devotion to "where the facts lay" was that day. Must have left it in the green room!

For those nameless staffers who can't improve their employment prospects with a Politico sit-down, the future looks grim.

They have been snubbed by potential employers, told they would be a "liability" and in one instance were even compared to the "Hitler Youth."

This is the job market many experienced national security officials who work for President Donald Trump are facing just days before a new president takes office and they will be out of work.

People who sat by during an illegal attempt to extort a foreign government to interfere in the US presidential election are viewed as unprincipled and a possible "liability"? Go know!

"There is absolutely an effect of a number of organizations out there trying to blacklist anybody that worked on child separation," noted former Homeland Security official Elizabeth Neumann. Yes, it is truly shocking ... that anyone could actually believe they could work on the baby cages without affecting their future career prospects.

Other staffers scoffed at the "selfishness" of staffers who would attempt to salvage their own prospects by jumping ship at the eleventh hour.

"I personally think Charlottesville was worse than what happened yesterday and if you didn't resign after that, it's kind of a chickenshit move to do it 14 days before the transfer of power," a senior Trump administration official told Politico. "It shows a lot of selfishness. 'Let's make it about me. I'm resigning because I don't like what happened.'"

He seems nice! But anyway, getting off the Trump bus one stop before everyone else probably won't make much of a difference to future employers. Even Olivia Troye, the career DHS official who became a whistleblower after a stint working for Mike Pence, found her career prospects diminished by the association with Donald Trump.

"People who are hiring see everything that's happened and have to question your morals and ethics — especially in terms of what continues to happen today — on why you chose to work for that environment," she told Politico. Which ... yeah, no shit!

Many Trump employees are sticking it out another two weeks, since quitting would make them ineligible for unemployment. Others are staying on to maximize the payout for vacation days, according to one lower-level staffer who seemed unable to quit spinning bullshit, even to himself.

"If anything, I hope to pitch [Wednesday] one day as 'look if you want to talk about an employee who can continue to produce and continue to have a good attitude in the toughest, highest stakes and highest pressure situations, [that's me]," he told Politico.

That's the spirit! You just march right in there and tell Mr. Human Resources that you'll grin and keep your head down as babies are ripped from their mothers' arms and domestic terrorists overrun Congress. And if that doesn't work, there's always wingnut welfare at some astroturf Koch brothers group. Worse comes to worst, maybe Trump will let you be a caddy at one of his clubs. At least until Deutsche Bank comes looking for that $100 million.

All that American Carnage, and like the Shake 'n' Bake girl: YOU HELPED.


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