Sadly, Gawker Media Just Missed the Cut

halliburtonmonsanto.jpgOur chronically dissatisfied brother is holding a fierce tournament to decide, by popular vote, the worst company in America. The round of particular interest to Wonkette readers is the first one, pitting defending champ Halliburton against old-school favorite Monsanto. A commenter notes that "it's like if we saw Duke vs. UConn in the first round of March Madness" -- and who can forget when Duke manufactured Agent Orange and then caused the worst industrial accident in the history of the United States while UConn sold expired meals to the Army and bilked the government out of billions of uncontested reconstruction dollars?

Our 400,000 unexercised Halliburton stock options aside (because they so totally won't influence our vote, we promise), we don't have a dog in this fight; if you happen to think one of these multinationals is eviler than the other, go express your opinion in the proud democratic fashion -- so that, in the even prouder democratic fashion, it may be ignored whilst corporations continue to do whatever the hell they want, because who gives a shit what you think?

Worst Company In America: Halliburton vs. Monsanto [Consumerist]


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