Sally Quinn Cordially Invites You to the Opening of Her Safe Room

Then95We know know what Sally Quinn does in those hours when she's not being the fabulous semi-employed spouse of Ben Bradlee: She's about two Reynold's Wrap-tubes short of being a member in the tin foil hat brigade, an ultra-prepared, paranoid ("Federal emergency authorities 'not only lie, they don’t tell the truth.'") urban survivalist who always carries a "N95 particle mask" and a jar of peanut butter. (Kinky.) On Monday, apparently between Chalabi-stalking appointments, she gave a talk to the Citizen's Association of Georgetown, and she made it clear the lengths to which she'll go to ensure her household is adequately prepared: "[S]he’d tried putting an N95 on Sparky, her now-deceased Shih Tzu, but it didn’t work." We're sure she'll get right on a solution. Meanwhile, one quibble: Quinn has designated her laundry room as emergency shelter because it's "easy to seal off." However, "her food supply is heavy on the beans, 'because they’re nutritious.'" No doubt, but sealing off a room full of people eating mostly beans? Maybe that's what the masks are for.

The Doyenne of Doom [WCP]


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