'Anti-Woke' Beauty Queen Teams Up With The Taliban To Defend Andrew Tate

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'Anti-Woke' Beauty Queen Teams Up With The Taliban To Defend Andrew Tate
Sameera Khan, Instagram

There was a time in our nation when rightwing zealots were persistently terrified that Muslims immigrants were somehow going to impose "Sharia Law" on them. It was never clear how this was going to happen or what, precisely, they imagined it would entail, but they were darn sure that it was going to happen and that the Left was going to let it happen, because we are so tolerant that we will tolerate ourselves and everyone around us into oblivion. Or something like that. This is mostly conjecture because, again, they never really explained what it was they thought was going to happen.

But the times have changed and it turns out, admittedly, that the Right may just be more tolerant than we are in this respect. Recently, the Taliban has been winning over the hearts and minds of some of America's most batshit rightwing personalities. Nick Fuentes recently discussed how he would be more pleased with the Taliban ruling over the entire country than with an airline allowing employees to dress in accordance with their gender identity. Last year, Texas legislator Matt Schaefer tweeted, "FACT: Even the Taliban oppose abortion" in response to an article comparing the state's abortion bounty hunting law to something the Taliban might do, as if it were some kind of own. Candace Owens has praised their commitment to free speech on social media.

Now, former Miss New Jersey US and self-described "anti-woke" journalist Sameera Khan is citing the Taliban as a moral authority when it comes to the matter of recent Muslim convert Andrew Tate. Khan, who was previously fired from Russian news organization RT America for her praise of Stalin's gulags, has been an outspoken admirer of Tate for some time now. On Friday evening, she decided to host a "space" on Twitter with "the Taliban," whom she explained were very concerned about Tate being arrested.

"They are worried about Andrew Tate and they are asking us if he’s free yet," she tweeted. "They say westerners need Andrew Tate because we are oppressed by feminists."


Just to be clear, in this context, she means for the Taliban — which just barred women from being educated in Afghanistan — and Andrew Tate — who has just been arrested for human trafficking and rape — to be considered the "good guys" and for feminists to be the oppressors. And she is entirely serious about that.

Picture of Twitter spaces featuring Sameera Khan and "the Taliban" discussing Andrew TateTwitter

Please take note of the heart emojis, as well as the fact that several of the supposed Taliban members now have blue checkmarks that we can probably be pretty sure they paid for.

To be clear, literally no one is preventing Sameera Khan from living her best anti-feminist life, as she is entirely free to do in this society. Feminists are doing absolutely nothing to her or asking anything from her. No one is forcing her to be "woke" and I would imagine most people would not bat an eye if she decided to just sleep for the rest of her life. She is free to continue being just as poorly educated as she likes. She is free to not work. She is even free to marry some cafone who will treat her like garbage so that she may wait on him hand and foot. She can even go to work as one of Andrew Tate's webcam girls and give him all of the money she earns from that. It's not illegal and as a feminist, I would never stand in her way if that is how she wants to live. The problem with Tate, allegedly, is that he was forcing women who didn't want to live that way to do so. And yes, even in Romania, that is not legal.

The issue, as per usual, is not that she or anyone is being oppressed, but that the people they would like to be oppressed are not being oppressed.

I truly do not know how I am typing any of these sentences or how this is real. I don't know how to end this article because I just cannot fully wrap my head around absolutely any of this being a thing. I cannot imagine how it is that there is a human person who actually thinks, "Oh boy, people will really support my guy Andrew Tate once they hear that the Taliban thinks he's great! They will definitely want to take the Taliban's advice on feminism! People love the Taliban!" and yet we now live in a world in which this is a thing and this person has almost 140,000 followers on Twitter. I think this broke me. I've got nothing.

Except this — I hope they all keep going. I hope all of these "anti-woke" assholes just keep going right off the deep end because I have to believe there is a wackiness ceiling of some kind and that it could perhaps start with a former Miss New Jersey US citing the literal Taliban as a moral authority on how women should be treated. I guarantee nothing, of course, but it sure would be nice if that happened.


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