San Fran-Psychos Despise Nice Wine Called 'Palin'

San Fran-Psychos Despise Nice Wine Called 'Palin'

So there was this wine bar once, in San Francisco, that served Palin Syrah, a Chilean wine with notes of white pepper and madrone. It was the Yield Wine Bar's best seller, in fact! And then John McCain crushed Palin Syrah's hopes and dreams by nominating that gal Sarah for VP, and now San Francisco hippies won't order the wine anymore because they hate America.

Sales of Palin Syrah have plummeted as diners prefer to feast on bile and the tears of children made homeless by our nation's foreclosure crisis.

Oh and, per the label on this bottle of hated wine, a "Palin" is a wooden ball encased in wool and leather. So obviously, duh.

'Palin Syrah' Wine Drops in Sales After Sarah Palin Veep Pick [Serious Eats]


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