San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom: 'Corrupt Nasal-Drip Child'

How're YOU doing? - WonketteGavin Newsom is San Francisco's smarmily handsome alcoholiccult-leader mayor who fucks the wives of his best friends and generally acts like a douchesack, but at least he killed most of the homeless so you can now walk around for half a block without being assaulted by a legless drug addict spewing diarrhea in the street. Anyway, enjoy our latest Nadine and his careful critique of the Newsom Administration.

FROM: matt mengarelli


CC: (Pretty much every media outlet in America)

I read your article in the Examiner, dated 9/17/2007:

I suppose you are now a columnist...?

I have to say, what I read was a complete joke. You would not know how to even make better a hangnail. Let alone a God adamant city.

Those finely chosen words illuminating a power and strength, you can only write about. And nay achieve...

I know as well as you do, spoiled and corrupt, nasal-drip child, when you glance ever so longingly in the mirror at your vain reflection... you cannot witness success. You can only continue to lie, as a possible tear falls from your eye.

Your only success has been the ability to spew statistics, re the superb job you wrongly believe you achieve. This city is dirty, crime ridden (both in the financial district and the hoods that flourish it...), full of downtrodden, void of organic culture, simply a tourist destination akin to Disneyland.

Gavin, stop fooling yourself, thinking you are a success. Not even that UCSF, putrid bioscience scam infiltrating and crucifying our very organically determined lives, shall garner you duplicitous recognition. The elite of this city are so far gone up there own black hole, they cannot even sneeze without popping a hole in their Valium laden stomachs. These are the fools you folly your statistics around for, that do not at all represent the true picture... a city with the best possibility to exemplify what a melting pot of different cultures can achieve within an ability to provide honest representation of ones own unique culture.

Everywhere I find myself in this city, I see grown-ups lying, acting, as they were children turned away long ago by caring and responsible parents. Unfortunately in truth, all I can witness is a self-centered alumni from other parts of this country and globe, while claiming this place as theirs to own, making a mockery of life, for their shallow and dead-end gain.

To me, this is the definition of ignorance. Funny how these people are well admired and revered. Only to those without a clue.

For you and your overly educated, self-righteous, neurotic, whiny and spoiled friends cannot even save themselves. For without all the money and lives you have stolen, rather, you would not know how to flourish in life... Especially, with respect for yourselves, others and this planet which is a gift to you, which you associate to neglect, abuse and destroy.

To you all, I raise a glass full, in toast, you shall all eat, and choke, till you sleep unsoundly forever upon the dirt and poison you have sowed to our heritage and future legacies.

You are a shame, a sham, and a trailer trash network scam! And you shall all be betrayed by those who have come to do your careless and dirty works.

Thank you for bringing the worst out... for perdition is what you get, when you mess, with principal.

Have a Nice Day : )

Matthew Edward Mengarelli


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