San Francisco Voters' Last Chance To Rename Poop Factory After George W. Bush


Californians in general and San Franciscans in particular love them some Propositions: loony bits of legislation dreamed up by hippies, supported by the signatures of thousands of people who just wanted that smelly weirdo on BART with the clipboard to stop jabbering at them, and voted into being by millions of citizens without the time or patience to wade through a 200-page "voter guide" before they head off to the polls. Propositions, in other words, are the most awful political invention since Democracy. Except Proposition R, San Franciscans' comical attempt to name a local sewage treatment plant after George W. Bush.

Every news source on the planet already wrote about this thing, twice, in July when Prop R made it onto the ballot. But here is the new news: For a limited time only, people finally get to vote on this thing! And Prop R supporters will have a big victory party on Tuesday night, culminating in a "bar crawl around the Tenderloin," which means "two shots of tequila and a stab in the neck from a transsexual hooker in a pink wig."

Presidential Memorial Commission of San Francisco]


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