Santa Monica Resident Obsessed With Angelina Jolie, Salt Water

  • The Pentagon will allow journalists to photograph the caskets of returning war dead, now that the war's almost over. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Congratulations, America! You're about to become a 36 percent stakeholder in yet another useless bank. [CNN Money]
  • Barack Obama's new budget proposal takes the legacy of Ronald Reagan, poops on it, and sets it on fire with a propane torch subsidized by the top 2 percent of earners. [New York Times]
  • You know who likes President Obama's Iraq troop withdrawal plan? John McCain. This spells Doom for the measure. [Washington Post]
  • Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis was hauled like a crook before New York's attorney general and forced to discuss how a bunch of Merrill Lynch bankers got $3 billion in bonuses just before the failing company was acquired by B of A. [Bloomberg]
  • A little female octopus in the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium flooded the offices near her exhibit by messing with a tank valve. It was a desperate cry for help from an obviously imbalanced creature with no way to support or care for her eight arms. [Los Angeles Times]

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