Sarah Huckabee Sanders Being A Real Poot Lips About Civil Rights Hero John Lewis

Poot Lips.

Wonkers, we have learned our lesson. It is sexist to get mad at Sarah Huckabee Sanders for being an asshole or constantly lying to the American people, and we don't want to offend the woke feminists who populate right-wing comments sections anymore. So "POOT LIPS" it is! And, just to clarify, that insult means "Sanders is being an asshole or (and) lying to the American people, which makes her mouth words sound like a poot squeaker!"

In case you didn't know, Donald Trump, racial uniter, is going to Jackson, Mississippi, this weekend for the opening of the Mississippi Civil Rights Museum, because SOMEBODY with their head up their ass (Mississippi wingnut Governor Phil Bryant) thought that was a good idea. People are pissed, because it's an insult to the entire struggle for civil rights for Donald Trump, a white supremacist who thinks some of the Charlottesville Nazis fighting to save Confederate traitor statues were lovely people, to be anywhere NEAR such an event. The NAACP is pissed. Local organizers are pissed. (We, a Southern white man who lives not far away, are pissed.) And Civil Rights hero Congressman John Lewis is pissed too! He and Rep. Bennie Thompson are in fact so pissed that they've decided to skip the event entirely.

So Sanders opened her mouth about it, and POOT LIPS came out:

"We think it's unfortunate that these members of Congress wouldn't join the President in honoring the incredible sacrifice civil rights leaders made to right the injustices in our history," White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said Thursday. "The President hopes others will join him in recognizing that the movement was about removing barriers and unifying Americans of all backgrounds."

Dave Weigel already had the only proper reaction to that statement, so we'll just paste that:


Wonkette apologizes for our previous slander of Sarah Huckabee Sanders, whose name is POOT LIPS from now on. We'll try to be nicer about CAPTAIN POOT LIPS.

Open thread. Go!


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