Sarah Huckabee Sanders Disgraces Herself, Some More

Part-time White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham is so grossly incompetent, you forget that her predecessor Sarah Huckabee Sanders was so competently gross. She reminded us of how terrible a person she is last night during the slimmed-down and gentrified Democratic debate. Sanders, presumably watching from her evil lair, let frontrunner Joe Biden have it about his un-American socialist speech impediment.

Screencaps, like diamonds, are forever.USA Today/Twitter

So ... that was unnecessary. I suppose Biden is still alive, unlike John Dingell, so Sanders hasn't yet reached Trump levels of cruelty. But she's tried her best, and that's what will impress Republican voters in Arkansas.

Huckabee Sanders attacks Joe Biden, gets Twitter ridicule | USA

Biden's not a complex man. It's one of his charms. He stated how people come to him asking for his help and he actually delivers more than just rhetorical wedgies and tax cuts for the wealthy. He actually cares about them, and this includes a child who struggles with the same stutter the former vice president overcame. It's clear to anyone with a human soul what Biden's talking about.

After a Twitter onslaught, Sanders quickly backtracked like the coward she is.

It's not Biden's fault Sanders is stupid. If she DVRed the debate, she could've rewatched his remarks a few times until she got the gist. That's better than just being an asshole. Uncle Joe didn't let this schoolyard bully off the hook. Let's all take a moment to relish his Twitter TKO.

She later tried to play smoochies with Biden's ass. She deleted the previous tweets and claimed that she didn't know Biden had a stutter and who said anything about a stutter? She's just trying to follow an old man's derailed train of thought.

That's funny -- not funny "ha-ha" but funny "she's a lying sack of crap" -- because Biden has mentioned his childhood stutter once or twice. This is not brand new information. We even wrote about it way back in 2009 and we're not the hot shot political mover shaker Sanders is. Republicans probably have a binder full of facts about Biden. It includes commendable things about him, such as overcoming his stutter and helping pass the Violence Against Women Act. It probably also includes what they think are less commendable things about Biden, such as the time he worked for a black guy.

Here's Biden talking about his stutter in 1994, when grunge was still around and Sanders was 11.

Biden delivered a surprise speech to the American Institute for Stuttering in June 2016. This was around the time Sanders's former boss, Donald Trump, was mocking disabled reporters. Sanders isn't stupid. She took her shot at Biden and when he stood up to her, she ran and hid. That's what bullies do.


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