Glenn Greenwald Knows Who's REAL Feminist Glass Ceiling Smasher Breaker, It Is Sarah Huckabee Sanders

If you're like most Americans today, you're worried that not enough gay men are screaming "U GO GUUUUUUUUURL!" in Sarah Huckabee Sanders's direction, to congratulate her for her totally diva-grade win in the Arkansas GOP gubernatorial primary.

But there's a gay man in Brazil with a Substack who's doing it. Three guesses which one.

So he's not even pretending he isn't a mouthbreathing MAGA Republican anymore. He's got Sanders "smash[ing] the glass ceiling" in his tweet, and he's got that fist bump emoji, in case you couldn't see him over there queening out like he's on the front row at a Dua Lipa show.

You know, for this person:

OK, Glenn. We all need heroes.

And his is apparently the lying-est liar to ever lie her way through a White House press briefing, at least until Kayleigh McEnany came along. The one about whom we had to endure one million Beltway defenses, after comedian Michelle Wolf said at the White House Correspondent's Dinner that her smoky eye shadow was made of all the correct facts she had incinerated. (Which was a TOTALLY SEXIST JOKE about SHS's appearance, if you're an idiot who doesn't understand words or joke construction.)

The one who had to get Secret Service protection, to protect her from all of her own horseshit, after the one-two punch of Wolf calling her a liar to her face, and that restaurant in Virginia refusing her a basket of chicken fingers, because no chicken fingers for fascists.

Remember when that lying trash ass just lied and said all the FBI was calling her to tell her they had lost confidence in James Comey? You know, because of how all the FBI just called her all the time?

But sure, Glenn. Glad you found somebody to look up to. Glad you're so impressed that Sarah Huckabee Sanders smashed through that glass ceiling to become the first woman to (almost certainly in November) win the governorship of Arkansas, after becoming famous because her vile racist garbage father first rubbed his ass all over that very same governorship.

As the Texarkana Gazette points out, Sanders ran her campaign as a vile bigot, so she's following in daddy's footsteps there too. She repeated racist buzzphrases about "critical race theory," saying "our public schools should never indoctrinate our kids with the lie that America is a racist and evil country." She was into Florida's Don't Say Gay law like a God Hates Fags protester at a pride parade.

Oh, and she doesn't think there should be exceptions in abortion bans for rape, incest or life of the mother. "I would not push for any exceptions," she said when they asked her about that.

Cool hero, Glenn Greenwald!

But we have to ask: Is Glenn only tweeting about this because he thinks he's trolling us, because it makes Glenn and Tucker do their little yelpy shrill giggles when they think they are owning the libs?

He might have been doing that.

Glenn is a very funny guy like that.

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