Sarah Palin Endorses Rand Paul, Says Rand Paul

Sarah Palin Endorses Rand Paul, Says Rand Paul

Former weekend sportscaster Sarah Palin, the President of Money, has allegedlyendorsed the actual Son of God & Allah combined, Rand Paul, for his Kentucky senate GOP primary. Rand Paul announced this endorsement on his website and noted that her PAC has given him a monkey-buttload of cash. Hmm... does Sarah Palin know about Rand Paul's foreign policy? That he wants to end our war on Saddam Hussein and 9/11? Or perhaps he's sold out on that Unserious position by now, because, you know, "Kentucky." In any event, Ben Smith adds, "Paul is claiming the endorsement, but worth noting that we haven't had a statement from Palin yet." Since when do endorsers actually have to endorse people, Ben? [Rand Paul via Ben Smith]


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