Sarah Palin Forced To Steal Clothes After Losing Luggage

Sarah Palin Forced To Steal Clothes After Losing Luggage

Sarah Palin flew to Idaho overnight to campaign for acongressional candidate who thinks Puerto Rico is a state -- of the United States, not of Mexico, which it is -- when she lost her luggage. The professional snowbilly grifter never wears adult clothes on planes, of course, so she had to "borrow" dress clothes from someone who is now never going to see those clothes again.

BOISE -- Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's rally to energize Idaho voters and raise money for Republican congressional hopeful Vaughn Ward was delayed after her luggage got lost in transit.

Ward introduced Palin on Friday and said and her family arrived on time in Boise, but unfortunately their bags did not and the rally started about 30 minutes late.

When Palin took the podium, she addressed the setback in a tie-dyed blue top and a knee-length black skirt.

"We flew through the night and this morning my luggage didn't arrive. So about an hour ago, I was sitting backstage in sweats and tennis shoes and man, this is just so me. I'm in borrowed clothes, again... I appreciate the borrowed clothes though, this is nice," said Palin.

So she flew overnight... but her luggage was on a separate private luxury airplane due to arrive in the morning... and then that plane was shot down by the Taliban and liberals/hackers somewhere over Wyoming, while they were making fun of Trig, got it. Why doesn't she just walk out dressed like an unemployed slob at all of her events, if she thinks people enjoy hearing about how she dresses like an unemployed slob who can't keep track of her luggage on her private flights? Really, why not?



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