Palin Either Has Run Out of Things To Say Or Is Running For President

Palin Either Has Run Out of Things To Say Or Is Running For President

Here's something we've noticed about Sarah Palin over the past month or so: She hasn't said much. In fact, she hasn't posted anything with any political relevance to Twitter or Facebook in two weeks. And now she has tweeted this dumb thing. Has she finally ran out of her stock of idiot pablum and poor diction? Maybe. Or maybe she decided she needs to stop being so objectionable so she can run for president.

Obviously, it would seem impossible that Palin would run out of things to say, because she has never said much of anything. It's the same wedging half-educated regular-lady speak, reheated over and over to push buttons. And considering how slow news was the past week or two, at the very least, she would have had a captive audience in the media, ready to "report" her Facebook spewings to the general public.

But maybe she's taken a different tack. Maybe she's finally decided she's reached the peak of her wingnut power supply and needs to switch gears to make America stop hating her, so she can be elected. Maybe she's already started running for president or is looking to see if she can get her favorability ratings up to see if such a run even would be possible.

What big thing did she do last month? She went to Haiti. This seemed odd to most of us, but to Palin, this probably looked pretty presidential and statesman-like. There are more important things than Facebook to her, she was saying. She is a Serious Woman. Seeeeeeeee! She rescues whole countries from disease and the destruction caused by natural disasters!

Then again, this is the snowbilly grifter were talking about: a woman who was appearing on reality teevee shows with that Gosselin person in the same span of time. The tweet is probably just evidence she's not any kind of genius, let alone a genius of policy.


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