Sarah Palin Has Super Awesome Taste In Music, Patriotism

Sarah Palin Has Super Awesome Taste In Music, Patriotism

Who is the most patriotic band Sarah Palin knows? Is it Ted Nugent? DUH OF COURSE IT IS TED NUGENT! What is more patriotic than constantly threatening to murder the president of the United States of America? The answer is "none," and "none more patriotic." Except? We just LIED. Because according to the tiresome clownshow leftover, the most patriotic band she knows is these awful cut-rate Pearl Jam in Chains wannabes, "Missing Stateside." She tweeted it even! Is she trying to bone one and/or all of them? Did they give her cash money? How much cash money does a tweet from Sarah Palin go for these days? Does it include shipping and handling?

Let us watch it, because it is THE WORST.

[youtube // expand=1]

We like the part where they post still pictures of themselves with Quiet Riot and Skid Row -- SKID ROW! We also like the part where they run out of still pictures of their crowds, so they just loop back through the ones they already showed. In addition, we like the part where WHAT ABOUT THIS IS PATRIOTIC EXACTLY? Because they are men and mostly (we think) white? Because they ride motorcycles and pose with bikini girls? They do not even say America! Like, in an America-saying contest between Missing Stateside and Neil Diamond, they can't even beat a NEW YORK JEW.

WHAT, SARAH PALIN, WHAT TELL US TELL US THE SECRET OF THEIR PATRIOTISM NOW. Do they want to beat up some Iranians? We bet they want to beat up some Iranians. They win all the patriotism contests!

We also also like the part where they cycle through pictures of the radio shows they have done, because this, THIS, is what FinalCutPro was made for, too, as well.

So, which of these dudes is Sarah Palin trying to sex on? If history is any guide, we will go with "Greta Van Susteren."

[via Twitchy]

Rebecca Schoenkopf

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