Sarah Palin Is In New Orleans, Mocking Black People

Sarah Palin Is In New Orleans, Mocking Black People

Hey, poor black people of New Orleans: Sarah Palin's speaking live in your ruined city, right now! She called it the "Big Easy," she's talking about how "Jonah Goldberg wrote a good piece" (first time anyone ever saidthat), and she's talking about the "good, patriotic people," and ho-ho now she's going off on Barack Obama, whining about how poor people may get some health care soon, etc.

If y'all went on down there and, say, just walked in and sat wherever you liked and helped yourself to lunch and whatever, we bet you'd be warmly welcomed. Oh those fat white fucks are now hooting and hollering about the big joke that is a "community organizer." Ha ha, imagine black people trying to improve black neighborhoods, ha ha, what a scam. Really, go on down to the Hilton New Orleans Riverside. #ImLilWayne #SouljaSDI


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