Sarah Palin Taking Blood-Libel Show On the Road With Larry the Cable Guy


Sarah Palin has learned she can get a lot of attention from liking guns and such, and that is going to continue on JANUARY 29 in RENO, NEVADA, as she addresses the SAFARI CLUB INTERNATIONAL GUN SHOW! Unfortunately, the event, a "dinner & auction" (you can bid on guns AND eat them!), is already sold out. Who else is going to be there? Why, the Marshall Tucker Band, an Elvis impersonator, NASCAR team owner Richard Childress, talk radio host Michael Reagan, and, of course, Larry the Cable Guy. Isn't it strange that Larry the Cable Guy and Palin have never appeared together before? They seem like a classic double act. Maybe she'll use such an historic occasion to announce she's running for president. Of crosshairs.

Here is a video tour of last year's show done by a couple of gun dorks. It seems like this is a more authentic version of a furry convention, plus you can buy guns in addition to having sex with the dead animals.

[youtube expand=1]

It's easy to see why Sarah Palin can't understand how she could be linked to gun violence. Guns aren't for shooting at people. They're for providing public speaking fees.

Anyway, great timing. [The Hill]


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