Sarah Palin Just Felt Sorry For Katie Couric, You Guys!

Sarah Palin Just Felt Sorry For Katie Couric, You Guys!

Sick of it yet, or were you sick of it before you even knew Sarah Palin existed? Well, sorry, her book is coming out next week and we will just post one comical, reportedly true excerpt after another, until the whole book has been paraphrased by the liberal media, and denounced by the actual people who were there.Next up: "She writes that she sat down with Katie Couric in part because she felt sorry for her, after Nicolle Wallace, a McCain aide, said Ms. Couric suffered from low self-esteem." A McCain advisor calls this "ridiculous!"

A McCain adviser I just spoke to adamantly denied the claim, and provided a counter story: Palin was repeatedly urged by McCain aides to prepare for the interview, but refused.

Palin claims in her new book that she agreed to sit down with Couric partly because she felt sorry for her, after senior McCain adviser Nicolle Wallace told her that Couric suffered from self-esteem problems. It’s understandable that Palin would try to deflect blame for the interview: It was a disaster that hastened her unmasking as unqualified for the presidency.

“It’s not true,” the McCain adviser I just reached said, laughing heartily at the claim. “It’s ridiculous.”

Other claims the AP is reporting:

  • Sarah Palin writes that she never wanted to run for vice president, but felt sorry for John McCain, who had low self-esteem, and so she allowed him to ask her and allowed herself to accept it.
  • Sarah Palin writes that she could have taken an interest in public policy, but she knew that public policy suffered from high self-esteem, and she wanted to take it down a notch.
  • She could have not equated Barack Obama to terrorists, but she felt sorry for the terrorists who had low self-esteem, and wanted to do a nice thing for them by comparing them to the lovely Barack Obama. Then they would become soft and very killable.
  • She could have won, but she felt sorry for Barack Obama, who had low self-esteem, and so... you get the point.

Meanwhile, on Facebook, Sarah Palin is FURIOUS at these low self-esteemed leeches in the media who are excerpting her book as the release date nears. Apparently these arbitrary media embargoes mean nothing to the sad sacks at the AP!

Keep Your Powder Dry

Today at 11:34am

As you probably have heard, the AP snagged a copy of my memoir, Going Rogue, before its Tuesday release. And as is expected, the AP and a number of subsequent media outlets are erroneously reporting the contents of the book. Keep your powder dry, read the book, and enjoy it! Lots of great stories about my family, Alaska, and the incredible honor it was to run alongside Senator John McCain.

We can't wait to hit the road and meet so many on the book tour! See you in Michigan first...

- Sarah Palin

Translation: BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY. I have low self-esteem!

McCain Adviser Denies Palin’s Claim She Granted Couric Interview Because She Pitied Couric’s Low Self Esteem [The Plum Line/Greg Sargent]


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