Sarah Palin Launches Online College of Journalism, In Her Mind

Sarah Palin Launches Online College of Journalism, In Her Mind

Sarah Palin has had it with the irresponsible media, especially when they're not fulfilling their constitutional duty of writing fluff pieces about her wayward pregnant teen-aged children dancing like harlots on the teevee. No longer will Sarah just sit there typing hieroglyphics on Twitter while the anti-American monsters of The Politico quote her fellow Republicans saying the entire GOP is gearing up to have her disappeared. She knows about hella reporting and such, we bet! After all, she spent most of a decade pursuing her community college degree in journalism.

Responding to the mean ol' Politico which is supposed to just repeat whatever the Tea Party nuts say, Palin told her Scientologist co-worker at Fox News that it's time everybody went to the University of Palin to earn their online degree in journamalism:

"I learned back in the day that who, what, when, where, why of journalism. You report that facts; you let other people decide what their opinion is going to be. So having unnamed sources in an article like this is very, very, disappointing, you know. And it doesn't do anybody any good. It doesn't educate anybody."

Remember how Jack Black was such a loser in the School of Rock movie until he stumbled upon the magical formula of "Those Who Can, Do/Those Who Can't, Teach"? This will probably be Sarah Palin's new racket, on Twitter, once the Republican Party sexists stomp her head like they did to that liberal. [Politico]


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