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Hey, there's America's favorite biker and her Chief of Staff Piper on that one teevee show, America's Funniest Home Videos or whatever. We are told the dancers have courage and joy and thus we have lost another few minutes of our existence to this woman. BUT WAS SHE BOOED? DID THIS CROWD DECIDE SHE IS A THREAT TO THEIR NATION'S SYSTEM OF GOVERNANCE?

Haha, no. The only voting these people do is for washed up "celebrities" on the teevee, as God intended, so they have no political views. Why would the common people sully their God-given right to vote by voting for "elected offices"? Do you think people spent centuries dying for that right so it could be spent on people who are not being taught to dance on some electric box? OF COURSE NOT. This is the truest, most mature expression of that basic human desire to have a voice in one's own life. And so these people in the crowd only know Sarah Palin as a silly celebrity in those magazines they buy at the supermarket checkout, not something to be booed, unless she says something evil about their other favorite show, Two and a Half Men.

Team Sarah will explain this booing for us. "Eileen Steller" posts in three threads about this to tell us what's going on:

Tom wanted to clear things up hog wash, he went along with Kimmels suggestion that they were booing our Sarah. I used to think that he was the funniest guy ever until I heard him bashing Sarah at the '08 Emmys. I was happy to hear that he kept the conversation to the family and that he found her charming, he could have slammed her. Kimmels show needs to be boycotted.

Tom said that the booing was over the low scores but did you notice how he wanted us to think otherwise? I am watching the show only because of Bristol and Kurt Werner and if they leave, so will I. We need to spread the word to boycott Kimmels show.

And also this:

Awesome post, thanks so much. We need to keep voting and encourage others to vote. I did not realize that you could vote as soon as the show started and that makes it so much easier since we know who we are voting for even before it starts.

Well, sometimes democracy and dancing do align for some citizens. But they're consistent in making sure not to think to hard about what they're voting for. [WP/Team Sarah]


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