'Sarah Palin Parking Lot' Lady Making Hilarious Threats And Cash Offers In YouTube Comments


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/v/VJghQMq49dw&hl=en&fs=1&color1=0x234900&color2=0x4e9e00 expand=1]

By the end of the election last year there were millions of these YouTubes where a liberal or a communist (or a moderate!) would hang outside Sarah Palin rallies -- public domain! -- and just roll the tape for a few minutes while people spat out hilarious racist violent nonsense about ACORN and the Muslim race. But the original couple of videos that started this trend were Blogger Interrupted's"Sarah Palin Parking Lot" classics, one of which was embedded in a Huffington Post article the other day for the purpose of comparing it to the Teabagger crowds. Then came this new comment on the video's YouTube page: "I have asked you three times to take this fukkin video down. Now it is plastered all over that libnut webiste Huffington Post. TAKE THIS FUKKIN VIDEO DOWN NOW. P.S. I hope you know that you can get sued, and thrown in jail for using this video without our permission." Comical negotiations have ensued.

Blogger Interrupted's Tim Russo sent an e-mail to this anonymous commenter basically saying, who the fuck are you, there are a lot of insane people saying insane things here, directly into a video camera, in public, during a huge presidential election, and it was all obviously going to go on the Internet for laffs, and education.

Her amazing response:

How much money would you think it would cost for you to take the video down? It is not like we are willing to pay it. But i am just curious?

Hmm, a real State Department-trained negotiator here. (SHE COULD MEAN ANYTHING.) Again, Russo asks who the hell she is.

She says something about her sister being the one who was "tricked" into screaming vulgarities into a camera in a public place, and again asks him to "take the FUKKIN VIDEO DOWN," or she will have YouTube murder him.

You're an idiot, he responds, and then she responds with THIS:

Ok, then how much money would it take for you to take the video down? $75.00-$100.00? Times are tight, and that would be a nice tidy profit for you just for a few hours of work, if you ask me. I can type up a contract, and have the money and contract wired to you by Monday morning. That way everybody can be happy. We can have peace of mind, and you can have some extra walking around cash.

Now Wonkette is, at the end of the day, a Children's Educational Reading Blog, so we hope that the young children out there can learn a lesson from this saga: do not shout racist violent extremist lies into a video camera, in public, outside a major politician's political rally, near the end of a hotly contested national election. Because it will be an actual historical artifact forever! Or at least until George Will turns off the entire Internet to punish people for wearing jeans.

Wingnut offers me $$$ [UPDATE $75-100] to take down video of her being a wingnut [Blogger Interrupted]


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