Sarah Palin Planning 2012 Run, Will Be With America Forever

Sarah Palin Planning 2012 Run, Will Be With America Forever

Jesus, has this 2008 election happened already? Like last week sometime? Nope, it starts exactly seven days from today, and will end sometime in December after all thedumb Virginia Democrats who voted November 5th are cast into the sea and John McCain is crowned Permanent Dictator by the Supreme Court, which does not legislate from the bench. Or! Or Barack Obama will win the election fairly cleanly and handily, and Sarah Palin will immediately commence her 2012 REVENGE PLOT.

Here's the theory: John McCain lost the election because he failed to capture the imaginations of millions of Americans with stirring, big-picture speeches about Reverend Wright and ACORN -- the kind that Sarah Palin wanted him to make while he was prattling on about wars and the economy. Palin, having put in eight hard weeks of ritual humiliation on national TV, has "earned" the right to campaign for the top spot in 2012.

So in four years, John McCain will be way too old to run for President again, Palin will be the obvious front-runner, and she will be free to run the campaign she wants to run: a campaign about black preachers and socialism. Conservatives are already starbursting their shorts thinking about what a wonderful Reaganesque transformative figure this woman is, this proudly ignorant hater of fruit flies who has not cracked a "book" since she opened up the Sky Mall magazine on a flight to Juneau. The 2012 election cycle will make this one look serious and thoughtful.

Is Sarah Palin preparing for 2012? [Politico]


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