Sarah Palin Probably Does Not Feel Bad For Barbara Walters, But She Should


[youtube expand=1]

Barbara Walters: So. You in this for the money or the Presidency?

Sarah Palin: Barbara it is impossible to say what will happen in 2012 because it's going to happen in 2012. Ha, oh Barbara, don't you understand? That's the thing about the future: it's in advance.

Other highlights of the highlights reel:

  • Palin is questioning some of Obama's "dithering." Dithering: unlikeliest meme in world history. Someone make a Tumblr and quickly "monetize" it.
  • Waning crescent of self-awareness: When asked if she would do a reality show, Palin says she would never put Trig and Track and Tripp & the Others through that, but then admits that her life is "kind of like a reality show." A reality show that she chose to put her kids through, indeed yes.
  • Newsweek should be more "policy-oriented" than "putting a gal in shorts on the cover."
  • Obama? A mere 4 out of 10, good-presidentin'-wise. Should just fuckin' quit like midway through, start a game of pick-up Twitter, go on a book tour, whatever—just anything that helps people.
  • Barbara Walters qualifies David Letterman to Palin as "not your best friend," and then shows a clip from his teevee show. Palin correctly says identifies the unfunny clip as "not funny" and for a second two realities collide.

ABC will soon release more video of misbegotten marionette Sarah Palin and her big dumb Last Days of Disco purple suit as they field more of this other insipid lady's questions, hooray.



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