Sarah Palin Returns To Alaska

Just a few short months ago, your Wonkette loved thesnow dwarf Sarah Palin and all the adorable scrapes she got into -- for example, being sexily "rear-ended" by a complete stranger outside Anchorage. But then one fateful day in late August, cruel John McCain had to nominate Sarah Palin for vice president, and overnight the charming and harmless governor of a charming and harmless state transformed into a snarling, sneering peddler of ignorant racist garbage, and we were sad.

But now former VP candidate Sarah Palin has two whole years left as governor of Alaska, which means she can get back to reachin' across that aisle and workin' on the things that matters most to Alaskans, like generating more government checks for them to enjoy. Unfortunately, the price of oil is waaaay down from its peak, which means lower state revenues for Alaska, and presumably smaller payments to each resident who makes the incredible sacrifice of living in that frigid backwater.

Also, many of Sarah Palin's former Democratic allies are a little sore that she was such a horrible nasty anger-bear during her 9-week campaign for vice president, but they'll get over it.

Palin faces questions, different landscape when she returns to Alaska [Anchorage Daily News]


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