Sarah Palin Tells 'Vladimir Putin' A Mama Grizzly Joke In Jimmy Fallon Sketch, And It's Not Terrible


That thing there. She keeps doing it. It is not attractive.Jimmy Fallon's Vladimir Putin schtick just won't seem to go away, and so why not add to the pain by adding someone else who just won't go away? So here's Sarah Palin, trying out her comedy chops for the sake of plugging her new reality teevee show. Spoiler alert: She actually delivers a funny line when "Putin" laments the state of his NCAA bracket, and asks how her bracket is doing. "Oh, thanks for asking. Bracket's good -- he's gonna be six this month." And then they play Pharrell Williams' "Happy" on balalaika and flute, which may pretty well spell the end of that ditty's popularity.

We were also surprised that Palin, whose supporters have sometimes been awfully vehement in correcting comedy sketches on the topic, consented to participate in a sight gag involving how close Russia is to Alaska.


Doktor Zoom

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