Sarah Palin To Go Camping With Some Kate Woman For Teevee

Sarah Palin isgoing to be back on the teevee, this time for some Kate Plus Eight show on TLC with "Kate Gosselin" that your great-aunt watches. And thus Palin has reached the next stop on the road to the presidency, as all candidates must first prove their worth on a TLC reality show following around some freakish family. This Kathryn lady has eight children, you see, and now these kids will go camping with Sarah Palin to "learn about Alaska" (drill polar bears for oil) and learn "natural history" (how he and his wife made Sarah Palin) from her dad, Chuck Heath. What?

There is no mention of Piper or Trig, but surely those famewhores will come out of the woodwork to be on this show, no? Piper will teach the kids how to ask John McCain for a high five to make him feel bad about himself, and Trig will teach the kids how to wander off into the forest to seek a better life being raised by wolves. And then how to get eaten by wolves.

Meanwhile, if these two unemployed people can have reality shows, why not the rest of our country? GIVE THE UNEMPLOYED REALITY SHOWS, OBAMA. THEY NEED THEM.

Also, Palin has said she is not boycotting Bristol and Levi's wedding, according to a "Palin family lawyer," as this is a job lawyers do. [WP/TMZ]


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