Sarah Palin Tried To Have Stand-In Take Her Place In Gubernatorial Debate


Someone just sent us thiscomical article from an October, 2006 edition of the Anchorage Daily News -- a reputable journal if ever there were! -- about how Sarah Palin had a "scheduling conflict" during a gubernatorial debate with her two challengers and -- instead of canceling her dumb conflict, because who cares -- she tried to get her running mate to debate for her. Her two challengers wouldn't agree to this because... just... just NO. What the hell? NO LADY NO.

And on a sorta related note, Joe Biden has announced that he will spend four days practicing for his VP debate with Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm acting as a stand-in for Palin, so that he can learn how to comport himself with a lady. Cute! But in vain, because when the debate happens, and soon as he utters the first word of his opening statement -- probably "I" -- Tucker Bounds or someone will shit out a McCain press release saying, "JOE BIDEN IS ALWAYS TALKING ABOUT HIMSELF AND THAT'S BECAUSE HE HATES VAGINAS. IF HE CARED ABOUT WOMEN AT ALL HIS FIRST WORD WOULD HAVE IN FACT BEEN 'VAGINA.' BARACK OBAMA HATES WOMEN WITH HIS AFRICANERY." Then Wolf Blitzer would interview a precious 5-year-old girl and ask, "Why does Joe Biden beat up women all the time?" and somehow demand a yes-or-no answer, etc.

Stand-in for Palin rejected in debate [ADN]

Biden taps Granholm as Palin stand-in for debate [AP]


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