Sarah Palin Tweets More Hieroglyphs

Sarah Palin Tweets More Hieroglyphs

TERM HAS BEEN HIJACKED! But who hijacked term? "Feminist"? Possibly. Furthermore, how can a sound, such as a cackle, want something? How can a sound have expectations? How can a sound perform a crucifixion? These are the questions our nation faces. It's ironic! (No it's not.)

Yes, Sarah Palin actually took some time here to look up the correct spelling of "passé" on her BlackBerry. Then she copied and pasted it into her Twitter application, because how else does Sarah Palin come up with an "é"? Such accented letters are terrorist plots to insert Islam into our language.

These tweets must be given to Palin pre-written, and then she is allowed to put in some of the nouns, like a MadLib, resulting in gibberish. And that is exactly the sort of leadership and creativity she will bring to the job of President 4 Life. [Twitter]


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