Sarah Palin Unable To Quit Whining Cold Turkey

Sarah Palin Unable To Quit Whining Cold Turkey

With Michele Bachmann about to embark on her run for president and make Teabaggers forget about Sarah Palin forever, now's not the time for old Lou to be abandoning her tried and true methods of getting attention. But that's just what she seemed to do the other day, when she promised to quit "whining" about media coverage. This must have worried her advisors, because the snowbilly grifter has now refocused her remarks: She will continue to whine, but not about herself. Yeah, sure thing.

As always, the Facebooking from the dump ice palace:

Let’s just acknowledge that commonsense conservatives must be stronger and work that much harder because of the obvious bias. And let’s be encouraged with a sense of poetic justice by knowing that the “mainstream” media isn’t mainstream anymore. That’s why I call it “lamestream,” and the LSM is becoming quite irrelevant, as it is no longer the sole gatekeeper of information.

We don't think "poetic justice" means what she thinks it does. But why should she? As much as the English language tries to destroy her for what she does to it, it's never successful.

Why doesn't Palin go back into journalism if she thinks it's so rotten? Surely she could get another job reading off college hockey scores. It's not like she's doing anything else. [Twitter/Facebook/is it the weekend yet?]


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