Sarah Palin's $100K Speaking Fee Applies To You Too, Iowa Conservatives

Sarah Palin's $100K Speaking Fee Applies To You Too, Iowa Conservatives

IT IS YET ANOTHER SARAH PALIN STORY and it is no one's fault but that of Sarah Palin, alright?, or possibly that of Meg Stapleton, who evidently forgot to explain to Sarah Palin what "Iowa" is. Right so, some Iowa-based group of Iowa-caucus participating conservatives invited Palin to speak at some banquet next month. Something about families, definitely a pro-family thing where everyone eats food and claps to prove how much they love families. Except Palin is charging the Iowa people $100,000 for the privilege of having her campaign for President during their fancy eating and clapping meal, and all the Iowa people can do is laugh and laugh.


[R]epresentatives from other Iowa-based political advocacy groups said they would never consider shelling out money for what many politicians see as a privilege: the opportunity to speak to a room full of sure-fire caucus-goers who often serve as precinct captains and can be instrumental to a presidential candidate’s success.

“If somebody tells me they want me to pay an appearance fee, it tells me they’re not very serious about running for president,” said Ed Failor, Jr., president of Iowans for Tax Relief and an influential GOP insider.

“I found it really, really odd,” Failor said.




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