Sass-Mouth Barack Obama Sasses The Republicans, Sassily. Your Weekly Top Ten.

Hey Wonkers! It is Sunday, and whew, what a week we had! Your Wonkette got lost (broken because bad server was bad), but then was found (fixed with a shiny new server!), was blind but now it sees! And you all made that possible! If you have not had a chance, please read our heartfelt THANK YOU for all the moneys you gave us to help us in our time of need.

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Okay, here are your top ten stories of the week. Did you read them? Probably not, because Wonkette was broken. So read them now!

1. Here's your president, Barry Bamz Soetoro Zimbabwe Obama, or whatever his REAL name is, gettin' all sassy-like with the Republicans. We like it when he does that.

2. What is the most "Florida" headline ever? It is here, in last Sunday's Florida Roundup!

3. Donald Trump said he'd be willing to tap Sarah Palin (for a job in his "administration," you pervs), and Wonkette got so excited it yapped like a small dog and then died of an orgasm.

4. For some weird reason Israel didn't find Mike Huckabee's comments helpful, the ones about how Barack Obama and Iran are doing the Holocaust to them.

5. So of course, the most important story in the entire universe last week was about that mean dickhead dentist what killed a lion in Africa. And we wrote about it (EARLY, before the media OUTRAGE happened), and we were mad about it (mostly nicotine withdrawals), but jeez, we guess we found the one thing Americans agree on. People can get killed by police, people can kill the police, people can die from poverty and hunger, and that's all fine, but DON'T FUCK WITH OUR AFRICAN LIONS, which we have never met in person.

6. Known Jewish lady Sarah Silverman defended Planned Parenthood, which made her TOTALLY just like Hitler. A lady on Wonkette's Facebook page (click here to LIKE!) did not understand "Wonkette" and "funny" and "read the article for chrissakes!" and requested that we remove the article from the Google. We did not comply with that request.

7. Seattle had a straight pride "parade" and it was just great. There was one parader, and he was very enthusiastic!

8. Go back and relive the fateful day, when Wonkette got broked. It was Wednesday!

9. Military recruiters somehow don't appreciate it when militia types "defend" them, by accidentally shooting stuff.

10. Liberal trolls decided to be hilarious and wonderful and improve a Confederate pride Facebook page, with pictures of old gay dicks and stuff. So helpful, liberals!

So there you go, Wonkers. We taught you very important things this week, even when we were broken, and you helped us not be broken anymore, and now we are back to our regularly scheduled programming. And seriously, THANK YOU.

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