You know who was the very first human on the planet to use humor to serious effect? The 20th-century folk hero Saul Alinsky, inventor of community organizing and father of theQuercus genus of shade trees. Before Alinsky, no one ever thought to mock one's political foes -- and after Alinsky, no one ever did again.

So when birthers look around in despair and wondering why everybody in the MSM is coldly ignoring the True Facts behind Barack Obama's forged Kenyan Bird Certificate, they know exactly who's to blame.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

Who said that?

One of Barack Obama's political mentors – Saul Alinsky.

Do you think he embraced those words? Do you think his acolytes do?

I see evidence of it every day – particularly with regard to those calling on Obama to do the only decent, moral, legal and American thing to do about his mysterious, elusive birth certificate.

Saul Alinsky's death grip on American political rhetoric may extend beyond his shameful grave, but -- but!

But I have news for the late Saul Alinsky.


[T]he ridicule of this campaign has been so over the top, so pervasive, so malignant and so obvious, it has backfired. The rules for radicals work well when radicals are not running things. But when the inmates take over the asylum, as they have in this country in the last six months, the old tactics of intimidation simply allow more people to see through the looking glass.

And that is why nobody is making fun of wingnuts any more.

'Ridicule is man's most potent weapon' [WorldNetDaily]


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