Save the Kenyan Elephants!

So big, and yet still cuteIf you haven't heard, which most people haven't, there's a little situation in Kenya. It turns out that they just had "elections" and unsurprisingly their current dictator-esque guy, Mwai Kibaki, "won." Protests originally led by the opposition, who were backing candidate Raila Odinga, have led to ethnic violence, charges of genocide, 100,000 people displaced and at least 300 deaths so far. But, you know, the media already did fucked up elections in a country filled with brown people last week, Darfur has given everyone Africa fatigue, no one's killing the white people like Mugabe's minions did in Zimbabwe so there's no immediate, obvious hook except... the elephants! There are elephants in Kenya! If the violences gets really bad they might, um, like, lose habitat or something. So, save the elephants! Because then people might care enough to even pay attention! [Yahoo News]


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