Save the Last Stance Pun for Richard Cohen

restlesscraig.jpgSenator Larry Craig's sad airport restroom misadventure, with all its giggle-inducing details of the finer points of toilet cruising, became public more than a month-and-a-half ago, so it's just about time for Richard Cohen to weigh in. Naturally, today's column starts off with, wait for it, a "restless leg syndrome" joke that he then feels the need to explain. Further proof that the man does indeed have a fine sense of humor!

The rest of the column is a pretty lame set-up to a fairly reasonable point (Larry Craig should probably not support mandatory sentencing after his wacky run-in with the law! Also we are all the Central Park Jogger, the Duke Lacrosse team, and John Mark Karr now!). Then Cohen offers to write a "ringing speech" in which Craig will proclaim his innocence or rail against the death penalty or say he's learned an very important lesson or something. And, really, Craig should let Cohen write this speech, because its sheer incomprehensible awfulness will probably distract everyone from the gay cruising thing.

(NB: there are only seven hits for the marginally more clever "restless craig syndrome.")

A Senator Who Hasn't Learned [WP]


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