Save the Orphaned Kittens of Beirut! And the Movie Stars of France!

everytimeyoumasturbategodkillsakittenpleasethinkofthekittens.jpgPeople for the Ethical Treatment of Animals discusses the forgotten victims of bloodshed in Beirut and Lebanon:

Images of kittens sniffing amid rubble. Dogs seen running frantically down the streets. Distraught Americans told that they must leave their animal companions behind to starve and die in the destruction.

These scenes--reminiscent of cruel and illegal decisions made in the wake of Hurricane Katrina--are reality once more. While the French government has made provisions for animal evacuations, the U.S. is doing the opposite. U.S. officials evacuating citizens from Lebanon have failed to heed the lesson of the Gulf Coast and are refusing Americans' attempts to evacuate with their animal companions.

Animal-rights activist Brigitte Bardot doesn't want to be French due to her country's insensitivity to the plight of minks.

mcgruff.jpgMcGruff the Crime Dog rumored to show up at tonight's Prayer Meeting Against Crime in DC.


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