Save the World By Eating and Drinking and Top Off Your Victory With Cheap Ice Cream


Today, Wednesday, March 3 through Sunday, March 14: You may have almost died on numerous occasions in your youth from drinking too much tequila, but you’re all grown up now -- in theory, anyway -- so you should be able to enjoy it in a more refined way. This is why you should go to the Tequila & Mezcal Festival at Oyamel, and indulge in FREE tequila tastings, specialty drinks made with high quality tequila and mezcal, and foods made with the alcohols. [Oyamel]

  • Today, Wednesday, March 3: Hurry up and get gay married now, as in TODAY, so you can get a FREE cupcake from Hello Cupcake. There's no reason why the acquisition of a long coveted civil right shouldn't also be a promotional opportunity for a local sweet shop. [Hello Cupcake via DCist]
  • Today, Wednesday, March 3: Happy 6th Birthday BLT Steak means special deals for you all involving the number 3, because the birthday is on the THIRD day of the THIRD month. Get it!? Today only, steaks are $33.04, and select sides, desserts and cocktails are all only $3.03. [BLT Steak]
  • Today, Wednesday March 3: Hannah Teter is an American snowboarder who won a silver medal at the Olympics, and she also happens to have her very own Ben and Jerry's ice cream flavor, Maple Blondie. Today, in honor of her win, scoops of her ice cream are just $1 at all Ben and Jerry's stores. [Ben & Jerry's]
  • Today, Wednesday March 3 through Sunday, March 7: It snowed forever, ruining DC’s economy. The only way this can be fixed is if you get out there and drink enough to make up for all those days when you were weren't willing to leave your home and risk death by snow by going to a bar for a beer. SHAME ON YOU. Thankfully, Yelp teamed up with a bunch of different DC restaurants and bars and got them to offer drinks specials so you can get out there, drink, and help turn DC’s economy around. The snow will not win! [Yelp Drinks Week]
  • Thursday, March 11: Because healing the world shouldn't involve doing something even moderately extra and/or meaningful, you should participate in Dining Out For Life: You eat out, restaurants donate some or all of the proceeds from your meal to a charity, the world becomes a better place and you get a gold star all because you know how to chew. [Dining Out For Life]
  • New Food: Ezme, a small plates restaurant that serves Turkish food just opened in Dupont Circle; Funxion, a health food restaurant that serves healthy booze, is opening Downtown next week; And, yummy seafood spot Tackle Box, is planning on opening a second location Downtown in the coming months. [Ezme, Funxion, Tackle Box via WBJ Top Shelf]

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